Fairfax Library Fight: More This, Less That

Patch survey lets you share your ideas for struggling libraries.

By Greg Hambrick

The Fairfax County Public Library has delayed a decision on reducing branch staff and cutting education requirements for librarians. The proposal would also have youth librarians spending less time in the branches and more time focused on outreach efforts.

Sam Clay, the long-time library director, told The Washington Post this summer that times have been tough for the Fairfax Library and a new direction was necessary. “We’ve got decrease after decrease,” Clay told the paper. He noted that the budget has been cut by 23 percent in the last five years, and that library visits and circulation are both down.

At the same time, library leaders were criticized after 250,000 books were tossed in the trash instead of gifting them to nonprofits and service groups, as had been the practice.

So, Patch wants to hear from library users with our own survey on how you use the library and your reaction to some of the system’s more controversial proposals. Complete the survey above and share more suggestions in the comment section below.


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