It Could Be Time for a Makeup Spring Cleaning

Fair Oaks Mall offers plenty of options.

Take a look at your makeup bag and hair-care drawer. If it's filled with old eyeliners, dried-out foundation tubes, and brushes that could use a good spring cleaning, then Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax would be a good place to visit.

Spring is a time of renewal and refreshment, and for many women, that means refreshing their overall beauty regimen, including skin and hair care and makeup.

Start at Sephora, on the lower level near Lord & Taylor. Known as a one-stop shop for all things beauty, from perfume to makeup to grooming supplies and more, Sephora offers many different lines of cosmetics and is always well stocked with staff who are willing to lend a hand.

Right now the store is offering free skin care consultations with an expert, after which customers will go home with free samples. Black-clad skin experts, belts filled with all sorts of application tools, are stationed throughout the store and are eager to help select items to purchase.

For the shy shopper, Sephora offers a line of beauty tutorials, such as "perfect brow palette" and "smoky eyes" which include step-by-step pictures and all the products you need to achieve the look, in one small box.

Also located throughout the store are small mirrored kiosks stocked with cotton swabs, makeup applicators and tissues, as well as jars filled with liquid makeup remover and alcohol so you may try, and then easily remove, many of their products.

Searching for new tools to apply blush, eye shadow, foundation or any other type of makeup? This store is the place to go. An entire wall of Sephora is devoted to cubes holding dozens of different sizes, shapes and styles of brushes and other applicators. And right next to them is a row of cleaning products made specifically to care for makeup brushes and other tools.

For more complimentary services, head to the upper level, near Macy's II, and enter the Aveda store. Aveda is known for its plant-based hair care, skin care and makeup products, many of which are organic.

Upon your arrival at the store, a technician offers a free cup of tea, as well as a variety of complimentary "sensory rituals," such as a stress-relieving neck and shoulders massage or customized skin care experience.

Guests are welcome to try samples of the skin care, hair care and fragrance products, which cater to both men and women. And, during the month of April, which Aveda is dubbing Earth Month, several special treatments are offered, with all proceeds donated to American Rivers, a conservation organization that aims to protect and restore the nation's rivers and clean water to sustain people, wildlife and nature.

Special services include a hairstyling ritual ($5), hand and nail treatment ($5), five-minute chair massage ($10), mini facial ($10), or total face makeup application ($10).

Back on the lower level, check out the MAC cosmetic shop for a more colorful and dramatic experience. As calm, cool colors and herbal scents surround you at Aveda, at MAC you're greeted by a giant poster of Lady Gaga and a display for the shop's Wonder Woman inspired cosmetics line, which includes bright blue eye shadow and purple mascara.

MAC offers lots of complimentary services in order to demonstrate its products, including false lash application to custom fit your new MAC lashes to "naturally enhance or add drama." Also available every day, on a walk-in basis, are professional demonstrations focusing on one key feature of your face, such as eyes, face-shaping, and lips.

Several other beauty-related shops at the mall are offering special deals right now, such as The Body Shop, located on the lower level near Lord & Taylor. Through this weekend, customers get two free items when they purchase three products, or one free item when two are purchased.

Macy's features products from Estee Lauder, Lancome, Shiseido, Clarins Paris and Clinique, which is offering its free bonus package to customers who purchase $21.50 or more in products, while supplies last. The free bonus includes a set of makeup bags, mascara, lipstick, blush and shadow, as well as face-cleansing and moisturizing products.

So, whether you need a new facial cleansing regimen, a fresh eyelash curler, or want some help selecting the best blush for your complexion, Fair Oaks Mall has a wide variety of self-care shops staffed with experts to help with your selections.


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