Power Making its Way Back to Falls Church

Dominion said by noon they would have an idea of when all of their customers will be back in service.

As Falls Church starts their cleanup after Friday’s storm that left thousands without power, Dominion Power said they would have an idea of how long it will be before all of Northern Virginia will have power.

Le-Ha Anderson, spokeswoman for Dominion Power, said the energy company will make an announcement of when people can enjoy the amenities of home. Dominion has also posted locations where work crews will be.

“By noon today we will know when we will have everyone’s power back on,” Anderson said Sunday morning. “Shortly after that, we start working to restore everyone’s power.”

Since Friday night, Falls Church and much of Northern Virginia has been without power. By 10 a.m. Sunday, 290,000 people were still without power in Northern Virginia. Several intersections and streets throughout Falls Church remain without power.

As power returned to some Falls Church neighborhoods, residents made their way to local gas stations to fill up their cars, causing lines at some locations.

Frederica Ortiz, of Falls Church, waited in her car for about 10 minutes at the on Lee Highway to fill up. Ortiz said she is still without power at her home and just wants to get out and drive today.

“I have been a prisoner in my home and I just want to take my kids out and do something other than look at each other,” she said.

Power returned to Dan Muse while he and his family weren’t home. Muse said he was glad to return home to air conditioning and lights.

“We actually spent most of yesterday in Centreville with friends who had power,” Muse said.

Jessica Allen picked up small branches outside her Falls Church home Sunday morning, placing them in a large garden bag. She said the storm was inconvenience but gave her time to catch up on a few things she has been missing.

“My phone died and my landline is a cordless phone so I haven’t gotten any calls and usually my phone rings off the hook,” said Allen, who lives just off Lee Highway in the Fairfax County section of Falls Church. “I have caught up on a lot of sleep and I’m pretty rested now and it feels good.”

McLparent July 02, 2012 at 06:15 AM
Sorry, but Leha Anderson lied. I just checked (Monday AM) and there was no information provided on when power would be restored. As the article indicated, she said that this information would be known by 1200 Sunday. Sorry...epic failure.


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