Falls Church City Public Schools Makes Snow Day Announcement for Monday

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Children snow down a hill in Falls Church in a previous snow; NOAA photo
Children snow down a hill in Falls Church in a previous snow; NOAA photo
Falls Church City Public Schools and Day Care will be closed to students and all staff, Monday, March 3rd.


Due to the approaching snow storm, snow emergency routes are in effect starting Monday at 6 a.m. in Falls Church, the City of Falls Church announced Sunday night.

Quick Link:Residents who park along snow emergency routes are reminded to move their vehicles during a City-declared snow emergency. The City announces snow emergency route parking restrictions via a number of communication tools, including:
Snow emergency routes have first priority for salting, sanding, and plowing. Traffic signs identify City streets that are Snow Emergency Routes. Vehicles abandoned or parked on snow emergency routes may be ticketed and towed to allow snow removal crews to clear the roads. 

Snow Emergency Routes

Snow emergency routes are indicated by red or blue lines on the map). They are:
  • Annandale Road from Hillwood Avenue to Broad Street
    (both sides of street)

  • Broad Street from Haycock Road to Seven Corners
    (both sides of street)

  • Columbia Street from Maple Avenue to Tuckahoe Street
    (Maple Avenue to Washington St.: both sides of street; Washington Street to Tuckahoe: single side of street

  • Great Falls Street from West Street to Washington Street
    (both sides of street)

  • Hillwood Avenue from Washington Street to Seven Corners
    (both sides of street)

  • Lincoln Avenue from West Street to Yucatan Street
    (both sides of street)

  • Little Falls Street from Broad Street to Great Falls Street
    (both sides of street)

  • Maple Avenue from Washington Street to Columbia Street
    (single side of street)

  • Park Avenue from West Street to Washington Street
    (both sides of street)

  • Roosevelt Street from Hillwood Avenue to Roosevelt Boulevard
    (both sides of street)

  • Washington Street from Graham Road to Westmoreland Street
    (both sides of street)

  • West Street from Abbott Lane to Great Falls Street
    (Abbott Lane to Broad Street: single side of street; Broad Street to Lincoln Avenue: both sides of street; Lincoln Avenue to Great Falls Street: single side of street)

All Snow Emergency Routes are on Both Sides of the Street, Except...

All routes are posted on both sides of the street except for the following (indicated by blue lines on the map):
  • South West Street
    (Abbott Lane to Broad Street; northwest side of street, affecting southbound traffic only)

  • North West Street
    (Lincoln Avenue to Great Falls Street; northwest side of street, affecting southbound traffic only)

  • East Columbia Street
    (Washington Street to Tuckahoe Street; north side of street, affecting westbound traffic only)

  • South Maple Avenue
    (Washington Street to Annandale Road; west side of street, affecting southbound traffic only)
As Northern Virginia awaits yet another snow storm, Patch is keeping an eye out for closings, cancellations and delays. If you would like to tell Patch readers about your closing, cancellation or delay (or if you plan to be open, that's good to know too!), feel free to list it in the Comments box below this story.

The City of Falls Church offers snow preparation tips, emergency announcements and snow removal information here.

  • FEDERAL OFFICES in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED for Monday. Emergency and telework-ready employees required to work must follow their agency's policies, including written telework agreements.
Non-emergency employees (including employees on pre-approved paid leave) will be granted excused absence (administrative leave) for the number of hours they were scheduled to work unless they are:
  • required to telework,
  • on official travel outside of the Washington, DC, area,
  • on leave without pay, or
  • on an alternative work schedule (AWS) day off.

Telework-Ready Employees who are scheduled to perform telework on the effective day of the announcement or who are required to perform telework on a day when Federal offices are closed must telework the entire workday or request leave, or a combination of both, in accordance with their agency's policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements.

Emergency Employees are expected to report to their worksite unless otherwise directed by their agencies.

  • SUSPENDED: All Metrobus service (all routes, all lines) will be suspended Monday morning due to expected hazardous weather conditions. 

Metro's Emergency Operations Center will monitor weather and road conditions during the day on Monday to determine when service may be restored. Bus service will only be restored when it is safe to do so.  Customers are encouraged to sign up for MetroAlerts for their route to receive updates.

Buses are expected to continue running until the last scheduled trips tonight (Sunday). 


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