Surf Report: Must-See Fairfax Websites

Emergency communications, kids and divorce, and a look at an Annandale strip mall.

Looking for something new on the Web? Try these sites picked for Fairfax County, Va.:

  • Fairfax mediator Robin Graine interviews guidance counselor Kathy Wilds on the effects of divorce on schoolchildren. "Key warning signs that your child is not doing well in a divorce situation and needs more help include: 'crying in school, anger towards self or others, and not obeying a parent at home,'" Graine writes.
  • Fairfax County Emergency Information has a video on how communications among first responders have improved since the 9/11 terror attacks. BTW, the blog has info about FEMA's activation of the Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue Team's to help with Hurricane Irene cleanup, and the team's return home.
  • Maryland blog, Just Up the Pike, has an entry about the Heritage Center, an Annandale strip mall that has made room for people, not cars. Author Dan Reed concludes: "As Greater Washington becomes a majority-minority region, demand for public spaces where people can mingle and hang out will grow, especially outside of traditionally urban neighborhoods where this may already exist. Heritage Center is an example of how to create a vibrant public space, albeit on private property, in suburban communities. We'll need to make more places like it in the future."
  • Twenty-six Fairfax County companies are on Inc. Magazine's 2011 list of 500 fastest-growing companies.


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