Survey: Mason District Residents Concerned about Overcrowding, Community Appearance

The Mason District Council of Community Associations (MDC) released the results of a month-long community survey Wednesday to assess resident concerns in advance of a town hall meeting next week.

Mason District residents are concerned about the physical condition of area businesses and roadways, the quality of education, and boarding houses, according to the results of a community survey conducted by the Mason District Council of Community Associations (MDC).

A press release from the MDC states the survey, which launched in early December, received more than 600 responses. Residents also indicated they were concerned about the following issues:

  • The physical condition of area businesses and roadways
  • Speeding (on neighborhood roads)
  • Boarding houses (more than four unrelated people living in a home)
  • Quality of education
  • Traffic congestion
  • Infrastructure (aging buildings, roadways, etc.)
  • Crime (specifically daytime break-ins)
  • Property maintenance (the physical condition of neighborhood properties)
  • Snow removal
  • Lack of business development in our commercial areas (Annandale and Bailey’s Crossroads)

The above topics will serve as discussion points for a town hall meeting Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. at Annandale United Methodist Church. Local officials Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross, School Board Representative Sandy Evans, Mason District Police Station Commander Gun Lee, and Fairfax County Code Compliance representative Susan Epstein, and Del. Kaye Kory have been invited to attend.  The town hall will include a question and answer session with members of the panel.

“We envision this Town Hall as an open dialogue among citizens and leaders,” said Mollie Loeffler, Chair, Mason District Council in the press release. “We want it to be a positive event where people can engage in discussing ideas and addressing some of these issues. We need to support our leaders and encourage civic engagement and communication among our communities. We all care about our district and want to see it thrive.”

Annandale Patch is a co-sponsor of the event along with the Annandale Blog. 

The town hall is open to the public.

Have a question to ask one of the panel members at the town hall? Email annandale@patch.com your question for us to ask during the meeting or leave a comment below.

Missy January 11, 2013 at 06:49 PM
I would LOVE to see someone doing SOMETHING about the 1000 day workers that stand up and down 236 every morning Loitering (especially since there are NO LOITERING signs posted in Spanish and English). You can't even drive into McDonalds and feel safe getting out of your car, let alone go in the 7-11 anymore at Hummer RD! If police would start carding them every morning, maybe they would get the hint and move on! Annandale used to be a safe place to live! Homeless just keeps going up and up!
Nancy Converse January 11, 2013 at 09:15 PM
I live outside the beltway and have started referring to my neighborhood as West Annandale, just to avoid the stigma of urban decay that is 236 inside the beltway. It is amazing how many businesses have closed and those that reopen such as "check cashing" services cause the area to appear in decline. Yet, lovely homes are located just a few blocks away from the blight on 236. We all would benefit from the renewal of this area of Annandale.
Beth O January 14, 2013 at 02:01 PM
Unfortunately, I'm not able to make the meeting on Tuesday (meetings at two different schools on the same night) , but I hope those in attendance hold the elected officials accountable for the lack of action in Annandale. What has Penny done for her 22003 constituents? More housing, which results in more crowding on our neglected roadways and schools? New businesses? More of the same old restaurants, drug stores, thrift stores and car loan places is ruining a once thriving community and making Annandale a joke. Not only is Annandale NOT walkable, it isn't attractive - as in, there is no draw to come here unless you're trying to appeal to all those laborers lined up and down 236. It is time for Annandale residents to take action and demand more from their community leadership! Let's see some of that energy the county has spent on the Mosaic District in Merrifeld placed on Annandale for a change.
Common Sense January 14, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Since people voted the same leaders in, expect the same unproductive results. Please stop voting by party, and vote for people with fresh ideas for improvements
victoria March 02, 2013 at 08:16 PM
you all need to get off the dime and stop voting penny gross and her crew in. this is the do nothing crew. vote her out of office! how many of you voted and those that voted, how many voted for her? VOTE HER OUT!


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