Falls Church Voters Excited Over Obama, Kaine Wins

Voter turnout in the City of Falls Church eclipsed the 2008 numbers bringing out 87 percent of the registered voters.

For months John Lawrence has canvassed Northern Virginia for President Barack Obama’s grassroots campaign knocking on doors and making phone calls.

Tuesday night, Lawrence, a Falls Church City Public Schools board member, celebrated Obama’s re-election with other area Democrats at a watch party at Mad Fox Brewing Company.

“This means we can keep on the upward path President Obama has us on,” Lawrence said. “I think what he is going to do is focus on foreign policy in this term.”

Local Democrats were excited to hear that City of Falls Church voters turned out to the polls in record breaking numbers. In 2008, 82.8 percent of the city’s registered voters went to the polls. This year, a little more than 87 percent of the city’s registered voters went to the polls.

As the crowd at the local brewery dwindled down, the room erupted in applause when it was announced that Tim Kaine had won the Senate seat in Virginia. Those who stayed around hugged and high-fived each other while glancing at the television to see if Obama had reached the 270 electoral votes needed to win a new term as president.

Lawrence Webb, a former Falls Church city councilman, said he has been on the re-election path before for his own seat, in May. Weeks leading up to Election Day, Webb said he was nervous about how things would turn out, but the closer Nov. 6 got, the better he felt about the situation.

“I am very excited that the people in this country recognize that it takes time for change,” Webb said.

In all, in the city cast ballots in the general election. David Bjerke, general registrar for the city, said 5,006 people voted for Obama and 2,141 supported Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney at the polls. He said 5,137 voted for Kaine and 2,045 voted for Republican Senate candidate George Allen.

Ken Feltman, chair of the Falls Church City Republican Committee, said local GOP supporters are happy with the turnout they had at the polls in the city, but not happy about the overall outcome. Feltman congratulated the president on winning his re-election bid and said he will see what this means for Virginia and the country.

“I think frankly we did better than we were expected to do,” Feltman said. “What we were attempting to do in Falls Church City is win what we had to get.”


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