Restaurant Brings New York, Chicago to Falls Church

The battle of the best hot dog has come under one roof in ‘The Little City.’

Which city has the best hot dogs? New York or Chicago? The battle for bragging rights is being waged under the roof of The Windy Apple, a new Falls Church eatery that opened its doors Oct. 5.

Owner Dino Marks, a Chicago native, won't say which city has the better hot dog. His wife, Ruby Thompson, didn’t mince any words about which hot dog she thought was better. 

“I like New York hot dogs,” Thompson said. “I can’t eat any other hot dog but a New York hot dog.”

New to the restaurant business, Marks, a former general contractor, and Thompson, have found it fun to serve some of the most popular foods from their respective cities to residents in “The Little City.” Customers can get a taste of “The Windy City” or “The Big Apple” or create their own concoction of a hot dog. Marks said they opened the restaurant because there weren’t any other places in the area to buy American food staples like cart food.

Thursday’s lunch crowd ordered up hot dogs, burgers and another staple at The Windy Apple, the Vienna beef sandwich. Cuban sandwiches are also a specialty.

“We had it as a once-a-week special and then people wanted us to keep it,” he said.

Opening a restaurant is something the couple has talked about for a while and together with a cousin, they made it a reality. Thompson said it was her husband’s idea to go through with it and now she runs the operation. Seeing customers leave satisfied with a smile on their faces is what makes her happiest.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s different."

No word yet from her husband on which hot dog is his favorite.

Renee Crowder November 02, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Where in The Little City can this restaurant be found?
Jennie Tai December 21, 2012 at 08:27 PM
I heard it closed recently and will be replaced by an Italian store. Any update on this?


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