UPDATE: Verizon Restores Service to Some Merrifield Customers

A third of the more than 1,000 landline and Internet customers had service restored Monday.

A third of the affected Verizon landline and Internet customers had their services restored Monday days after a construction company severed three underground communication cables.

Henry Mitchell, a Verizon spokesman, said crews are continuing to work around the clock to restore service to the more than 1,000 affected customers. Crews are working in the intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway. Fairfax County officials are urging people to avoid the intersection if they can while crews continue to work.

“This restoral effort has been complicated by severe damage not only to the large copper cables, but also the underground ducts that carry the cables,” Mitchell said in a written statement.  “Verizon has had to dig up the damaged area, rebuild the damaged ducts, remove the damaged cables, pull in replacement cables and splice these replacement cables to bring services back to customers.”

Thursday, a construction company doing work in the Merrifield-area intersection damaged three Verizon communications cables and the underground ducts they were in. Mitchell said the restoration could take days to finish.

FiOS service was not affected.


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