What's Up with the Bikenetic Green Bus?

The Bikenetic bus has become a fixture in Falls Church.

The Bikenetic Green Bus is parked behind the shop. Credit: Jessie Biele
The Bikenetic Green Bus is parked behind the shop. Credit: Jessie Biele
It's become a common sight in Falls Church — and at local bike races. 

Residents and cyclists are wondering: What's the story behind the bright green school bus parked behind Bikenetic

"It's our event bus," Bikenetic owner Jan Feuchtner explained to Patch. "It's our support vehicle at races and events." 

The bus holds up to a dozen people, their bikes, and equipment, which makes it great for bike trips, Feuchtner said.

"It's a great activity bus," he said. 

Bikenetic is a full-service bike shop located in the heart of Falls Church. Feuchtner opened the shop in 2011. He began leading Tuesday night mountain bike rides at Wakefield Park seven years ago through MORE, a local mountain biking nonprofit. Through those rides, the idea for his shop was born.

Feuchtner is a lifelong bike rider who grew up in Germany. He noticed a difference in bike culture after moving to Northern Virginia. 

"[Biking] is a true means of transportation [in Germany]," he observed. "Here it's more recreational, but commuting is growing real fast."

So far, the bike and business communities in Falls Church have welcomed him. 

"The community is very supportive," Feuchtner said. "You can tell there is a high desire to shop locally." 

The Bikenetic crew (and their green bus) can be seen this fall at the Back Roads Century Ride and the MOCO Epic


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