Landscape Design With Native Plants

Designing your Garden with Native Plants!

Why should we all use native plants in our gardens?

-They are the foundation of a healthy eco-system. 

Our birds, butterflies and wildlife rely on indigenous plants for their food and shelter. But sadly most of the existing plants in our gardens come from distant Asia.  That is not your fault – that’s just what sells best in most of our local nurseries. 

  • There is not need for fertilizer or pesticides.  Also, after their first season, most of them probably won’t need to be watered. By using them we improve the health of our Chesapeake Bay.

- They are stunning! 

The belief that native plants look like weeds is simply not correct. 

We have one the most diverse populations of native plants in the world!  Many of our natives are used in famous European gardens. I have also seen them in gardens in the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

-They are very hardy and cost less to maintain. 

E-mail: elisameara@gmail.com

Phone number: 571-499-8378

Website: www.NativePlantLD.com

Thank You.

Elisa Meara

Landscape Designer

Falls Church.


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