UPDATE: Military Couple Photographed at War Memorial Found

A photographer launched a search for a couple she photographed at the War Memorial in D.C.

Udate 7:59 a.m. July 18: The Today Show reported this morning that the couple in the photograph Angela Gorik took has come forward.

They got engaged two weeks ago and were walking around D.C. looking for the perfect wedding spot when Gorik took the photo.

Read more about the couple here.


Original post:

A photographer who happened upon a marriage proposal at the D.C. War Memorial is now searching for the couple she photographed.

Angila Golik was in town from Carson, Nev., and was out the night of July 2 shooting photos around D.C. 

When she downloaded the photos from her camera to her computer, she decided "the photos belong to the couple," she told HuffPost Weddings. 

If you know the couple in her photos, you can email Golik at adgolik32@gmail.com.

Watch the video above for more details. 

Janet July 17, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Too bad anyone with a zoom lens can "capture" someone else's private moment and then publicize it, using the power of the Web. If prospective groom wanted photos he'd have arranged for them--many do!
Verna Thompson July 18, 2012 at 12:42 PM
There should be no expectation of privacy in PUBLIC.


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