Still Looking For Love ...

.... in all the wrong places? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I've got good news for you!

Ladies, are you fed up with the lame promises of those hideous onlne dating sites that promise you Mr. Right, only to deliver Mr. Short-Bald-Doctored- Photograph? And guys, are you tired of picking up chicks in bars only to discover they have recently runaway from the circus? (OK, so most of you never actually tire of picking up chicks in bars, but humor me.) Well, this Valentine's Day, your luck is about to change and your perfect match awaits you!

By now, dear serial daters, you've probably realized that in the dating world, there is no such thing as "the perfect match." C'mon, really! Gals, when was the last time you actually met a guy who jumped for joy and licked your face just cause you're you? Or promised to be loyal and faithful and devoted to you? Men, when was the last time a woman sat on your lap (you don't have to answer that), and appreciated you as master of the house? Probably never! The answer to your love-lorn problems is simple: Adopt a dog! 

Seriously, I cannot think of a more appropriate time than Valentine's Day. In the pet adoption world, we try to steer folks clear of the emotional rollercoaster of the Christmas holiday for adopting or giving a pet as a gift. However, the Big V is a perfect time to find your soulmate, and give yourself the gift of everlasting, unconditional LOVE! I apologize for not including cats in this love-fest, but let's be honest...if you're truly seeking devotion, unconditional love and a snuggly companion for movie and popcorn night on the couch, we ain't talking about cats. 

I recently read an article in the Washington Post (so you KNOW it has to be true), about online dating. Essentially, it summarized a 200-page report by exclaiming online dating is a crapshoot. And so it is, in the human world. However, looking for your next companion of the furry sort, online, is easy. And they don't airbrush the photographs or lie about weight and height. Knowing what you're really getting is refreshing, don't you think?  

The majority of local rescue groups and shelters have photos and descriptions of lovable dogs online. Want to save time and narrow your search to find "The One"? Then try Petfinder.com. This site has thousands of adoptable dogs from hundreds of local rescue groups as well as shelters across the country.

Not comfortable making that love connection online? Then check out one of the many local pet adoption events at places like PetSmart. Meet your new devoted, loving companion in person, and test-drive that lap-sitting and face-licking. Kinda gets you all tingly just thinking about it, doesn't it?  

You'll never get that tingly feeling from a blind date, trust me!

Upcoming Pet Events 

  • The George Washington Parade weekend is Feb.18-20.   
  • Free Walking with Washington tours are each Sunday all month.  The big parade is Monday the 20th at 1 p.m. in Old Town. 
  • Founders Dog Park is having a Martinis for Mutts fundraiser at the Old Dominion Boat Club on Friday night Feb 24th. Support the dog park and have fun at the same time.
  • The Dog Eaze Inn Mardi Growl Celebration at the Dog Eaze Inn, Feb. 25.
  • SPCA of Northern Virginia Dog Adoption Days at Weber's Pet Supermarket, Feb 25.

For additional fun pet events and activities, checkout Canine Wingman and novadog Magazine.

Robin Baxter February 13, 2012 at 05:51 PM
As a faithful reader of Unleashed!, I have to correct a misrepresentation in the column: adopting a cat would be a great idea for Valentine's Day. Yes, cats may be a little bit more "reserved" than some dogs, but if you haven't had a cat snuggle up to you, lie down, and start purring, you don't know what you are missing. You may have to be ready to read more subtle clues (ok, when cats wag their tails it does not mean "duh, I'm happy", it means look out for either playfulness or grumpiness), but come on, you are smart enough to learn to "read Cat", aren't you? It is well worth it, and, as a bonus, cats are much more adapted to our long work hours than dogs are. We love our rescue kitties and they give us lots of love back!
Heidi February 13, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Thanks Robin, I've heard from several readers that cats make delightfully snuggly soulmates! I'll have to take their word for it. I've got a few too many scars from grumpy, aloof cats. I guess love is in the eye of the beholder....


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