Which Whey is Right for You?

The proper protein is important to your diet and workout regiment.

It seems that there is a good amount of individuals that enjoy working out and focusing on what they eat, as well as genuinely interested in being good to their bodies. 

With a regular workout regiment, one of the most important nutritional ingredients is protein.  

“If you under eat protein, your body will have a harder time drawing on fat stores, and may cannibalize muscle tissue or energy.  This is one of the reasons why low protein diets can make you feel weak and tired.” (http://www.muscleandstrength.com)

At the gym that I used to work at, there was a bar where you could have shakes made up and generally, they were a bit overpriced, however they taste great and were filled with vitamins, protein, and other supplements to add to the workout. 

The only problem was that the average patron was never quite sure as to which protein was right for them.  As far as protein supplements, there are several different types of protein, but I am just going to touch on whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey protein blends.

Whey isolate will give you the highest amount of protein.  It is typically the most expensive of the different types of whey for this reason.  If you are most interested in lifting weights and cutting, this is the protein that would suit you best.  It also contains less fat than the others.

Whey concentrate is a protein supplement that contains less amounts of protein than whey isolate and even though it is good for gaining weight, it is not good for cutting.  As for price, it is less expensive than the whey isolate, but not the least expensive.  This particular whey could leave some people quite frustrated.  In short, take this route if you want to gain weight, it’s that simple.

Whey protein blends is the least expensive, what most people will get in a protein shake (without knowing it), but will not work against you, as whey concentrate might do if you weren’t just looking to gain weight.  If you are just looking for a good protein supplement while on the go and you don’t have any real goals for bulking or cutting, this would be the choice for you.

Overall, when you cut things down in your diet or remove them, make sure you are fully aware of the effects of what you choose to replace whatever it is.  The proper protein is extremely important.  It fuels your body throughout the day.  The last thing you want to do is eliminate it, and what you want to be sure of, really with anything, is that you have chosen the proper replacement for your goals.


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