Fender Bender During Snowstorm? Here's What to Do

If a police officer can't get to your fender bender during a winter storm, here's what to do.

Be sure to clear snow off your car before driving. Screen grab/FCPD video
Be sure to clear snow off your car before driving. Screen grab/FCPD video

If you're in a fender bender on slippery roads during this winter storm, and a police officer isn't available to respond immediately, Fairfax County Police Department has advice on what you should do.

With inclement weather approaching, the police department wants to make residents and visitors of Fairfax County aware of potential, temporary changes to routine response.

The department has established special guidelines regarding departmental response to minor motor vehicle crashes during local emergencies.

Extreme weather, natural disasters, large-scale criminal incidents or other large-scale events will occasionally occur which might require some routine patrol responses to be temporarily limited. This temporary change would take place in order to preserve our ability to respond immediately to calls for service involving a direct threat to life and public order and to maintain a reasonable level of officer safety.

When the Accident Policy is in effect, officers will continue to respond to personal injury crashes, hit and run crashes involving injury and to fatal crashes. If a motorist calls to report a crash, the caller will be advised at that time whether or not the Accident Policy is in effect, and what that means. If it is in effect, motorists will be advised to exchange relevant information regarding driver’s license, vehicle registration information and automobile insurance coverage.

These temporary restrictions can be activated on a countywide basis or by individual police districts.

Commanders have the discretion to implement the accident policy when severe weather, environmental conditions, or other significant incidents occur.

Watch this video for more information regarding the accident policy:



Fairfax County Emergency Information



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