Pit Bull Involved in Falls Church Attack in Quarantine

The alleged owner faces charges in the attack.

While Falls Church Police investigated a dog attack Friday that left an adult injured after a pit bull reportedly bit them at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, the school district said they would not be locking the gates around the school.

Susan Finarelli, spokeswoman for the City of Falls Church, said the dog was found over the weekend but there is no word on the identities of the two men allegedly seen with the dog.

The pit bull is not likely to have rabies, she said and the dog is in quarantine for observation for 10 days, according to protocol. Finarelli said charges are pending against the owner.

There is no injury status on the victim.

John W. Brett, spokesman for Falls Church City Public Schools, said there are signs all around the school indicating animals are not allowed on the property.

“Animals are not allowed on school property,” Brett said. “We cannot lock the gates because it would be in violation of the fire code. We can but child-proof locks on the gates.”

Police said the dog bit an unidentified person around 4 p.m. on the playground at the school. There were allegedly two men with the dog that was not on a leash when the incident happened, police said.

Dogs in the city over four months old must be licensed annually and be vaccinated against rabies. For more information on getting a license for you dog, click here.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact the police at 703-241-5050.

CSG January 23, 2013 at 01:46 PM
Dogs off-leash on school grounds? Our neighborhood schools are de facto off-leash dog exercise areas. Another local ordinance that is never enforced. Pols can't make the dog owners unhappy, they're a big voting block.


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