WEEK IN REVIEW: Falls Church Police Close Case, Fire Displaces 19

Police are looking for a cross-dressed man who sexually assaulted a woman in Falls Church.

As the week and March came to an end, Falls Church City police closed one of their cases from 2012.

The city announced three men involved in two robberies in December less than 30 minutes apart were in custody. One of the alleged suspects is in custody in Charlotte, N.C. DNA from a cigarette butt at the scene of one of the robberies led police to the arrests.

An apartment fire caused by a malfunctioning microwave displaced 19 people at a Falls Church apartment building. A Fairfax County Fire and Rescue firefighter was injured while battling the two-alarm blaze.

Falls Church police are also looking for a cross-dressed man who they say sexually assaulted a woman in a parking lot. The man was wearing high heels and a wig at the time of the assault.

Fairfax County Police are still investigating an accident between a bicyclist and an SUV. The cyclist was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

As the gay marriage debate continues, a Falls Church couple has expressed their support for it and have shared their story and efforts to have the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

Another “giant” of a person has brought their athletic experiences to “The Little City” to share with kids. Gheorghe Muresan, one of the two tallest men to ever play in the NBA held his basketball camp in the city for kids between six and 12-years-old over spring break.


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