Week in Review: What a ‘Kicking Week’ in Falls Church

Miss something last week in Falls Church?

President Barack Obama and his Republican opponent Gov. Mitt Romney squared off for the first time in a debate and supporters of both sides have mixed reviews. In Falls Church, Obama supporters held a viewing party at the Democratic campaign offices and had some very public figures stop by.

The cooks at Pizzeria Orso are more than just the people you see preparing your food. They’re but they do a good job cooking.

That one Muay Thai fighter at Pizzeria Orso, Tommy Edwards, is preparing for his professional debut. He’ll be fighting in April in Thailand.

It’s Fire Prevention Week and firefighters everywhere are urging families to come up with at least two ways to escape a fire at home. There will be a celebration observing the week-long event.

No Falls Church-area high schools football teams pulled out a win Friday night. Patch was at the George Mason-Strasburg game and the Mustangs held their own as long as they could.


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