UPDATE: 63 Percent of Falls Church City Voters Have Cast Ballots

City saw 3,744 of the active 8,381 registered voters by 8:50 a.m.

By noon Tuesday, 63 percent of the City of Falls Church registered voters had cast their ballots. David Bjerke, general registrar for the city, said he’s not sure if there will be a surge of voters come to the polls before they close at 7 p.m.

“We had 82 percent turnout four years ago,” said Bjerke who reported 5,318 people have voted in the city.

Ward 1 reported 1,145 voters had gone to the polls by noon, 917 had gone to Ward 2 and 1,107 had cast ballots at Ward 3, he said.

9:59 a.m.: Robert Foster moved to the City of Falls Church about a year ago from California when his job relocated and voted in Virginia for the first time in his life.

Tuesday morning, Foster joined dozens of others who voted in the city. Foster, a government contractor said his polling center in the city was better organized than his former California polling center.

“The lines were a little longer than I expected but they were inside,” Foster said.

As of 8:50 a.m., David Bjerke, general registrar for the City of Falls Church, said 3,744 of the active 8,381 registered voters had cast their votes. Bjerke said 1,642 people voted in-person absentee and 506 people mailed in their ballots. By precincts, Bjerke said Ward 1 had 555 voters, Ward 2 saw 476 people and Ward 3 had 564 voters before 9 a.m.

Nick Casillas isn’t old enough to vote but the George Mason High sophomore is using Election Day to learn. With classes canceled for Falls Church City Public Schools Tuesday, Casillas volunteered at Ward 3 in the city helping sign voters in.

“I just wanted to help at the polling station and get a better understanding of how the election process works,” said Casillas who is currently taking AP Government at Mason.


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