City Wants Anthony’s to Stay in Falls Church

EDA director says owners of Anthony’s knew of possibility landlord would sell land restaurant sits on.

On March 1, 2013, two West Broad Street leases are up simultaneously – the old post office and longtime restaurant Anthony’s.

The owners of the Falls Church restaurant have leased the space for about 40-years from a landlord who plans on selling the property to Rushmark Properties LLC. With the city set to sell the land the post office sits on, Economic Development Authority Director Rick Goff said the restaurant’s landlord has decided to redevelop the space and sell to Rushmark.

“Anthony's landlord has decided to redevelop his property and has kept Anthony's owners apprised of his plans for several years,” Goff said. “The City’s Economic Development Office is working both with the landlord and Anthony's to find a suitable new location for the business.”

News of the EDA’s plans to sell land to Rushmark Properties LLC for $4.3 million upset restaurateur Anthony Akis. The announcement of the proposed sell was made at city council’s Oct. 9 meeting. The developer plans on constructing a mixed-use property that will include a Harris Teeter and retail and housing units. City council is expected to have a second reading of the sell and could approve it at their Oct. 22 meeting.

Akis said he wants to stay in the city but in order to move locations the new spot would have to be affordable. He is optimistic that he can find a suitable location but his time is running out.

“We got to meet a lot of good people,” Akis said. “I wish we didn’t have to go through this.”

City Manager Wyatt Shields said he too wants to see Anthony’s stay in the city.

“Tony and Faye know we want to see them in the city,” Shields said.

Andy Rankin October 17, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Minor clarifications... Mr. Goff is the director of the Economic Development Office (part of City Hall) not the Economic Development Authority (an independent board of volunteers). The City owns the parking lot adjacent to the old post office - not the building itself. The EDA owns the lot on the other side of the parking lot (where the Two Sisters coffee hut used to be). The EDA and City are selling the two lots together for $4.3 million. I don't think these distinctions are that important - but I know there has been confusion about who owns what so I thought I'd clear them up.
simpletonsofknow May 12, 2013 at 04:33 PM
you actually believe what the government of FC tells you? no, not only do they not care but none of them ever partroned anthony's restaurant. the only time i ever, EVER seen any city official inside that place was to give the bad news to tony. not once, in all the years i frequented anthony's did i ever see any council person in that place. not even for pickup! lies! lies and more lies! they couldn't care less what happens. they think the city's $$$'s grows on trees. (which they're chopping down left and righht.)
simpletonsofknow May 12, 2013 at 04:34 PM
whatever the city government tells me, i laugh and wait for falls church to become the next 'georgetown'. (a dead city)


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