Council Approves Video Cameras for School Buses

School buses in the City of Falls Church will be equipped with video cameras to catch people speeding by them while picking up children.

City of Falls Church school buses will be equipped with video cameras designed to catch motorists who blow past stop signs that appear when buses stop to pick up or drop off children.

City Council voted 6-0 on an ordinance Monday to equip school buses with video equipment. 

Mayor Nader Baroukh and council members Ron Peppe, Ira Kaylin, Phil Duncan, Johannah Barry and Dave Tarter supported the ordinance that would see violators fined $250.

The ordinance came about after Falls Church City Public Schools bus drivers reported over a three-day period in November, 60 motorists sped by buses that were stopped while picking up or dropping off students.

Vice-Mayor Dave Snyder was absent from Monday’s meeting.

“The $250 is a deterrent,” Kaylin said noting that the ordinance isn’t about revenue but rather a change of behavior by motorists. “I would hope the revenues from this dwindle down because people won’t be doing it.”

The ordinance allows the buses to be equipped with cameras and Falls Church Police will have access to the recorded evidence in order to issue citations.

Proceeds from the fines will be given to FCCPS after costs incurred by the city are paid off. School board member Kieran Sharpe thanked council for support of the ordinance and said he and his colleagues would work to find a vendor to supply the camera system. No cost for the project has been given.


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