Duncan Enters City Council Race

Duncan views infrastructure and water as some of his areas of concern in the city.

If elected to City Council, Phil Duncan said he would want to bridge the communication gap between different groups.

“I hope that I can bring together the various communities of activists in the city,” Duncan said. “I’m often struck that people in one group don’t know much about the people in another group.”

Duncan, and City Councilman announced they would run for council in May’s elections. Webb launched his re-election campaign two weeks ago. Webb and fellow council member ’s terms end June 30. Mayor Nader Baroukh's seat is also up in June. In order for candidates to be on the May ballot, Webb said he needs 125 signatures by March. Duncan said he is doing well with his signature collections.

Since arriving in Falls Church in 1985, Duncan had served on several boards and committees. He is the chairman of Falls Church City Public Schools’ Business in Education Partnership and also serves on the city’s Economic Development Authority. Duncan has chaired the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Transportation and served on the City Center Task Force. The 2001 “Pillar of the Community” recipient said City of Falls Church residents are an active group of people who often aren’t aware of who is on what committee or board.

Duncan said he doesn’t have a campaign slogan as of yet but wants one that conveys that the City of Falls Church is a great place to live. He said the school system is in great standing and the community as a whole does their part to make the city a place people want to move to. But he believes more can be done to make Falls Church better.

Duncan said there are some areas in the city’s infrastructure that need more attention than others. He is concerned with aging infrastructure, including of City Hall and the schools. Issues with Falls Church Water have been a constant in and around the city, he said.

 “I do think these are things that we need to devote some attention to,” Duncan said.

Over the next couple weeks, Duncan plans on cleaning out his basement to make room for his campaign headquarters. He said he is excited to run for council because it seems like the natural progression in all he has done. 

“In all the areas I’ve worked I’ve tried to do my part,” Duncan said. “It seemed it was my turn to give it a shot.”


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