Mayor Baroukh Seeking Re-election to City Council

The council will decide who serves as next mayor of the City of Falls Church.

The city’s head man isn’t ready to step aside just yet.

Last week, announced he is running for re-election to the city council in the City of Falls Church. According to the city's website, with the seating of a new council, the council members elect the mayor and vice mayor for a two-year term.

The city's general election is May 1.

"I think we've had a great two years," Baroukh said. "The most important thing for us two years ago was making sure the city had good financial footing."

Baroukh joins , and City Councilman on the list of council candidates who have announced their plans to run in May's election. Baroukh, Webb and fellow council member 's terms end June 30. In order for candidates to be on the May ballot, candidates need 125 signatures by March.

Baroukh was first elected to the seven-member city council in 2008 and was selected as mayor in July of 2010. During his time on the council, Baroukh has served on several committees including the School Board/Council Liaison Group, Economic Development and he was the Council Liaison to the Watershed Management Taskforce. He also served as alternate for the Metropolitan Development Policy Committee and the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. The mayor said he is going to run a campaign like everyone else in the council race. He'll just have wedding plans to handle with everything else.

"That's going to be new," Baroukh said. "A lot of that will take some balancing."

Baroukh said he is hopeful that he can continue serving on city council, addressing the city's issues including concerns about the water company. The city recently announced that they are going to send out a Request for Expressions of Interest letter to see if any public or private utility company has an interest in .

"That's come about after much discussion and debate amongst council," Baroukh said. "One critical step is engaging the public to get their feedback."

Updating the city's aging infrastructure is another issue Baroukh said he wants to address. He said the city's buildings, including those belonging to Falls Church City Public Schools need upgrades. He said there is a lot to be done to with the city's infrastructure but they're getting there.

"Going into what I hope is not going to be mine but the city's overall stance and that is to focus on infrastructure," Baroukh said.

For more information on Baroukh’s campaign, click here.


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