Runner Creates Calendar to Benefit Burke Lake Park

Sales of Gil Langley's Burke Lake Park Calendar benefit the park through the Fairfax County Park Foundation.

Gil Langley combined his love for and his photography to benefit the community. 

“I retired last year and thought about ways I could help the lake where I've enjoyed running since 1998,” he said.  One morning while running at the lake the idea occurred to me that I could combine my photography and Potomac River Running Stores into a project for selling Burke Lake Calendars to benefit the park.”

The Fairfax resident knew storeowners Ray and Cathy, and they were receptive to the idea. Langley shot the photos, then designed and printed the calendar online at Snapfish; Potomac River Running stores in , , and became the sales venues.

“Last year 75 large glossy calendars were published, and they all sold,” said Langley. “This year we’ve produced 90 calendars, and they’re going fast.”   All profits benefit Burke Lake Park through the Fairfax County Park Foundation.

Roberta Longworth, executive director of the Fairfax County Park Foundation, praised Langley for his generous thinking. “Langley voluntarily created this project to benefit the park he loves, and to share its beauty with others who love this special place as much as he does,” she said.  “The calendar photographs are beautiful.”

“Burke Lake is a unique asset, particularly for walkers and runners,” said  Langley. “It doesn't get much better than this:  Mature woods, shaded, rolling dirt path, lake vistas, deer, eagles, foxes, geese, ducks, often fog on the water at sunrise, ice and snow in winter.  Fortunately in the 1950s it didn't end up being the site chosen for Dulles Airport.“


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