Unofficial Numbers Have Referendum Changing Voting Dates Wins in Falls Church

Referendum changes city’s voting from May to November.

UPDATE: In the unofficial numbers, 1738 City of Falls Church residents voted yes to move city elections from May to November. Only 874 voted to keep the May voting date.

4:02 P.M.: In the City of Falls Church, one of the biggest issues on the ballot is the referendum that will move all city elections from May to November.

Some voters said the move would bring more voters out if they could go to the polls in November versus the spring. David Bjerke, general registrar for the City of Falls Church, said turnout has been light at the polls today and he can’t say how the vote on the referendum is going.

“When the polls close, we’ll start calculating how the referendum did,” Bjerke said. “We can’t start speculating on how it’s doing.”

Bjerke said voter turnout in the city was only about eight to 10 percent this morning. He said 15 percent of the registered voters in Ward 4, Falls Church Community Center, have already voted. No complaints about getting into polling locations or problems with voting machines have been reported, Bjerke said. City of Falls Church residents are voting for 35th District Senate seat competitors Robert Sarvis (R), Dick Saslaw (D) and Katherine Ann Pettigrew. Jim Scott (D) is running unopposed for the 53rd District Delegate seat. By winning the primary in August, will be the next Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney. Polls close at 7 p.m.


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