WEEK IN REVIEW: Sandy Tops Falls Church News

Residents and emergency responders ready for hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy made her way into the headlines toward the end of the week and we should see the worst she has to offer some time today. No matter what weather the hurricane brings to the area, Falls Church is ready.

Earlier in the week, city council voted unanimously to sell the land it owns to a developer who wants to bring a Harris Teeter to the area. The city also announced they will sit down to discuss selling Falls Church Water to Fairfax Water soon.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-8th District) was in the news because of his son, Patrick, allegedly discussing how skirt around voter identification laws.

None of the four Fall Church-area high school football teams won on the field Friday night, but the areas namesake school’s quarterback, Adam Daly, has proven to be a big winner in life.

The George Mason High volleyball team didn’t win the Bull Run District tournament last week, but they turned in their best season in the history of the program this year.


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