Conservative Student Group Raises Awareness About Respecting the Flag

Mason High’s Young Patriots launches campaign to garner respect for the American flag.

There were no students in classes Thursday at George Mason High, but that didn’t stop a little peer teaching.

The Young Patriots, a conservative student group of 15-students at the high school, launched their “school wide flag pride” campaign to raise awareness about respecting the flag. James Hickey, 17, president and founder of the group, hoped the timing of the campaign launch would help students make the connection between how their choice to stand or sit during the pledge is linked with the sacrifice of our veterans to preserve that freedom.

“It’s their right to sit there to protest something but they should be so thrilled to be able to sit their and enjoy that freedom to do so,” Hickey said.

The Young Patriots have posted posters throughout the halls of Mason High informing students of the campaign. Hickey said he is willing to speak with anyone who has questions about the campaign. He said no members of the group will engage in any conflict about their decision to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Hickey, a junior at the school, said he’s ecstatic that the campaign will reach the student body. He said he hopes that one day this campaign specific to Mason will one day become a national campaign.

“My biggest hope is people who don’t stand for the flag for no reason now have a reason to stand,” Hickey said.

Posters on the walls of the school is just the beginning of the campaign said Vijay Menon, vice president of the student group. Menon, 16, said he believes students will listen to what the group has to say. Regardless to beliefs or country of origin, Menon said he hopes people will at least stand for the pledge.

“In our school, a lot of the time during the pledge people will be disrespectful and not stand,” Menon said. “We hope we can change that.”


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