John Lawrence Selected for Falls Church School Board

Lawrence will serve on the FCCPS school board until November 2013.

After interviewing five candidates Monday to fill an opening, the Falls Church City Public Schools Board has selected John Lawrence.

Lawrence, who ran for city council in May, will serve as a board member through November 2013. The appointment comes after former school board member Rosaura Aguerrebere. Aguerrebere resigned her position on the school board in August after six-years.

Lawrence submitted his letter of interest to the school board on Sept. 10. In the letter, Lawrence said he wanted to join the school board to help keep it excellent and to help with any improvements.

The father of a fifth grader in the FCCPS system, Lawrence has served on the school system’s Day Care Advisory Task Force.

Susan Kearney, school board chair, said there were six candidates for the board member position, but one person withdrew their name from consideration.

In May, Lawrence received 732 votes in an unsuccessful run for a seat on city council. This month, Lawrence again found himself competing against former city council member Lawrence Webb. Webb, who also interviewed Monday night, was one of the five candidates looking for a school board appointment.


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