Mason High Students Wouldn’t Mind a Little Snow

Just as long as the snow doesn’t interrupt midterm exams, they are all for it.

With snow expected to start falling Thursday morning in Northern Virginia, students at George Mason High School in Falls Church don’t mind it at all.

Maeve Curtin loves the snow and welcomes any that may fall on the area. A junior, Curtin said she can do without a wintery mix but if it means a little time off from school, she’s fine with that.

“The mix of rain and snow creates slush that ices over and reeks havoc on our transportation system,” Curtin said Wednesday. “This is a really stressful time for all high school students with exams coming up next week. As much as we could use the extra day to catch up on sleep and do some extra studying, missing review days and other tests could just add to the stress of this time.”

Wednesday, the National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for the area. The watch was initially slated to last from Thursday night through the evening. Temperatures are supposed to be in the lower 30s Thursday and the Virginia Department of Transportation and Dominion Power are ready to take action if needed.

Freshman Jacob Litton shares Curtin’s thoughts of how snow could affect midterm exams. Junior Jake Eye is hopeful there is enough snow to not only let school out early Thursday, but close it all together Friday.

“I do want it to snow,” Eye said. “If it snows, we might get school off on Friday and I could use the extra day of studying for exams that are coming up next week. Also, my family, friends and I would be able to leave a little bit earlier on Friday to go snowboarding.”

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