FCCPS Makes 'Snow Day' Announcement for Tuesday

Mount Daniel still without power.

Three of the city's four schools have lost power, according to FCCPS. FCCPS emergency alert logo
Three of the city's four schools have lost power, according to FCCPS. FCCPS emergency alert logo

Falls Church City Public Schools are closed on Tuesday, FCCPS announced Tuesday morning. Here's their message:

Update: 4:37 a.m.

Falls Church City Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, December 10th for students and staff.
Day Care is also closed

Updated: 5:17 a.m.

Mount Daniel School:
Power Remains Out

Thomas Jefferson Elementary:
Wednesday will be an "I" Day

Mary Ellen Henderson:
Music Concerts will not be held tonight.
Wednesday will be a "B" Day

George Mason High School:
Wednesday will be an "Even" Day

10 p.m. (Monday) Status Report

"As discussed earlier, Falls Church City Schools has been plagued with unstable electrical service as a result of today's storm. Dominion Power crews are in and around Falls Church neighborhoods working to restore service. At present one school is still completely without power, and the others have seen fluctuating power service throughout the day and evening.  We do not want to open a school only to have to cancel class due to power outage.

We will be monitoring the electrical service work throughout the night as well as the approaching weather system predicted to arrive in our area in the early morning hours and provide an definitive update at 5 a.m.

This will be the last update until 5 a.m.

Mary Ellen Henderson: Morning Exercise Class canceled


Monday, 4 p.m. message from FCCPS:

Blown transformers and downed power lines have cut power to three of the four Falls Church City Public Schools: Mount Daniel, Mary Ellen Henderson and George Mason, according to a message Monday afternoon from FCCPS.

At Central Office, power also has been on and off periodically throughout the day, FCCPS said on their Web site. "Power companies are working to restore power but this is not expected to be a quick process."

"We will keep you updated as to the ongoing status of repairs and decisions regarding school tomorrow as soon as we can - but no later than 10:30 p.m. this evening."

"All afternoon and evening activities at all schools are canceled. Thank you for your patience and understanding."


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