Area Residents Find Refuge in Falls Church Bowling Alley

Some Falls Church businesses reopen after weekend without power.

Ulysses Smith and Mark Sykhammountry bowl regularly at the in Falls Church but Monday was more of an opportunity to stay cool.

Sykhammountry, of Arlington, said he spent the weekend without power. He said power was recently restored in his home but with temperatures hovering in the mid-90s, he said the bowling alley was the best place to be.

“I thought about going to the pool first,” Sykhammountry said. “But at least I got to take a break from technology.”

As power was restored to some businesses in Falls Church, people ventured out to buy cold drinks and find cool places to hang out until power was restored at their homes. Bowl America had partial power Sunday after having no power all Saturday and was restored to full capacity Monday. The will remain open as a cooling center Monday through 10 p.m.

Smith and Sykhammountry missed their regularly scheduled bowling league game on Sunday and decided to bowl Monday. Smith, also of Arlington, said he found peace in his quiet weekend with no electricity.

“Other than it being hot, it was peaceful,” Smith said. “It’s not too cool in the bowling alley, but it’s better than being outside.”


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